Success in Web Design – Keys To Improve your Website


The way you distribute you design your website, the colors, and images you use can make the difference between success (a low rebound rate and high conversions) or failure (low sales, people leaving your website).

The best recipe to ensure people will leave your website as soon as they get there is to overload their screens with tons of information with no clear design. As a Web Designer, you need to ensure people find what they are looking for as soon as they click on your website. This can be a challenging task, but if you follow this task you can be sure you’re on the right path:

  • Don’t overload your website:

    To keep your visitors interested, be sure to have a clean presentation of what your website has to offer and don’t distract the user with tons of images that may mislead visitors from the most important aspects of the website.
  • A professional logo connected to your home page

     Your logo is one of the most important pieces of your brand, so make sure it is located in an important place on your website. Use a high-resolution image and place it on the top left of each of your pages. In addition, it is a good rule to link your logo to your home page, so that visitors can easily navigate in it.
  • Choose your colors wisely:

    It is important to use a color palette that complements your logo and is consistent with your other marketing materials. Another good advice is to use a uniform color palette, neutral colors, for example, can help your website project an elegant, clean and modern look. Also using small pinches of color, for headings and key graphics helps guide visitors to your most important content.

  • Use responsive and easy to read fonts in your design:

    When picking a font for your website’s content, consider that people will see your website not only on a laptop but also on mobile devices. Some large-scale sources can be read well on a computer monitor, but so good on mobile. Your design can loose the desired feeling and appearance.  The hours you spent creating a seamless and clean website can’t go to the trash when someone opens your page in their smartphones.

    Pick a font that is both easy to read and look good, nothing smaller than 11pt of size.

Start using this tips for your website and you’ll notice the difference! If you don’t know where to start, feel free to contact us here at Web Design Rock Hill SC! We have an amazingly qualified team always happy to make your website look good, be productive and reach more people.